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I´m baptist missionary by faith with PMM Inc.,USA I'm married and with my wife Anita have four marvelous daughters. Our principal ministry is theological education. My passion is write, preach & teach about my Lord Jesus, around my country Ecuador, and Latin America. Dr. Joselito Orellana. DMin. PhD. Born in Ecuador, in Piñas City, province of El Oro Living in Quito, since 1985. Baptist Pastor's 18 years old. It missionary for Latin America Palm Missionary Ministries Inc, USA. It is involved in the ministries of higher theological teaching, pastoral training, church ministry, family counseling, literature, bioethics, and educational administration. Master's degrees (Colombia, Ecuador and Spain): Bible; Theology; Educative Management; and, Bioethics. Doctor of Ministry in Theology (DMin.) and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) awarded by Vision International University, from Miami, FL-USA.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Palm Missionary Ministries, Inc. exists primarily to enable and facilitate the development of national missionaries and workers to go into all nations, make disciples and establish them either into existing local evangelical congregations or newly organized churches established according to the PMM Doctrinal Statement in belief, and standards of ethics in operation.

PMM Statement of Faith:

Palm Missionary Ministries, Inc., is an evangelical organization committed to teach and defend the historic and basic doctrines of evangelical Christianity, more specifically:

The verbal inspiration of the Holy Scriptures as originally given;

The existence and manifestation of One God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit;

The Incarnation and virgin birth of the Son of God;

Also, the redemption of man by the vicarious death of Christ on the cross, the bodily resurrection from the grave, and His ascension to the Right Hand of God where He intercedes for those who genuinely believe and trust in Him;

Also, the fact that all men have sinned and consequently must be regenerated by the working of God’s grace;

The fact of justification by faith and the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in the believer producing holiness of life and power for service;

And, the purifying hope of the Lord’s imminent return and the urgency of preaching the Gospel to all mankind that man may be saved from eternal judgement.

PMM Specific Statement:

PMM will accomplish the General Statement through the establishment of PMM Affiliate Organizations (AO) in countries as led by the Lord (i.e., Palm Ecuador), and by cooperating with other missions and national ministries to recruit workers, facilitate their training, and place them in areas of ministry as called by God.

Additionally, PMM will assist workers (or ministries) to form a team of partners from both the worker's country and the States that will help accomplish the goals of the given ministry. The team of partners will assist in the field at times, provide prayer support and share in the financial costs of the workers' ministries until such a time there is developed a local base of equivalent support.

The worker will begin developing his/her local base by formulating and employing a strategy to teach biblical stewardship in their country of residence and ministry. PMM will provide the administrative mechanism needed to assure that doctrinal and financial accountability and integrity of the individual's ministry are always maintained.

Contact Information:

1702 Parks Lake Road
Lake Wales. FL.33898-8430

1315 Campo Sano Avenue
Coral Gables, FL 33146-1165

Ministerios Palm: Diguja 384 y Av. América
Casilla 17-17-987
Quito, Ecuador

PMM is a member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA).

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