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I´m baptist missionary by faith with PMM Inc.,USA I'm married and with my wife Anita have four marvelous daughters. Our principal ministry is theological education. My passion is write, preach & teach about my Lord Jesus, around my country Ecuador, and Latin America. Dr. Joselito Orellana. DMin. PhD. Born in Ecuador, in Piñas City, province of El Oro Living in Quito, since 1985. Baptist Pastor's 18 years old. It missionary for Latin America Palm Missionary Ministries Inc, USA. It is involved in the ministries of higher theological teaching, pastoral training, church ministry, family counseling, literature, bioethics, and educational administration. Master's degrees (Colombia, Ecuador and Spain): Bible; Theology; Educative Management; and, Bioethics. Doctor of Ministry in Theology (DMin.) and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) awarded by Vision International University, from Miami, FL-USA.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Missionary Prayer Letter- November 2008


  • Anita visited her father for a few days in Guayaquil because he is terminally ill.Galilee graduated from the missions program Sunbeams in our home church. We were very excited for her. Genesis is well; Bethlehem was somewhat sick with the flu, but she is much better now; and Michelle is ok too.
  • We are enjoying the grace of our Lord Jesus, even though the economic situation (in USA and Latin America) is having a significant effect on our budget. We are wondering how to increase our support for the next year and hoping to get some local support in Ecuador. Currently, we are not receiving any support from here. We are praying about this need and sending a few letters to the local leadership asking them to help.


  • Anita continues visiting the women's prison in Quito every Wednesday along with other missionaries from USA. She really enjoys this ministry, but is also very broken for the situation these women are facing.
  • Joselito taught an intensive course (three Saturdays, eight hours each) on Introduction to Theology at the Baptist Seminary in Quito. This was the first course in the current academic year.
  • We had the final intensive course for one week (eight hours per day) of our School of Ministry in Quito. Joselito taught a course on Missiology. We went to the middle of the World monument as a special trip for the end of the activities in this year.
  • Joselito taught at a special couples conference on romance in Christian marriage. We are also helping with pastoral counseling to some Christian couples.
  • Anita taught at a special conference for ladies in our home church (University Baptist Church). That's part of series of conferences, about the women in the genealogy of our Lord Jesus.
  • At the end of this month, Joselito preached in our home Church (University Baptist Church).


  • We had our annual meeting of the Ecuadorian Baptist Convention in El Tena, in the Ecuadorian Amazonian region (250 miles from Quito). We have big goals for the next year for our seminary. For example, we hope to recover our some of what we have lost in recent years through restructuring and economic hardhsips. Joselito assisted with some of the conferences about theological education.
  • We are helping Candelaria Baptist Church with their strategic plan for the next five years. They need a lot of help because it is the first time they have gone through this process in 29 years.
  • We had the annual meeting of our mission agency, Palm Missionary Ministries, here in Quito. Anita attended to represent our family because Joselito was teaching in the Baptist Seminary.


  • Pray for Anita and for her Masters degree final homework.
  • Don't forget to continue praying for our budget needs!

With love in Christ, Joselito & Anita Orellana (Galatians 2:20)