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Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
I´m baptist missionary by faith with PMM Inc.,USA I'm married and with my wife Anita have four marvelous daughters. Our principal ministry is theological education. My passion is write, preach & teach about my Lord Jesus, around my country Ecuador, and Latin America. Dr. Joselito Orellana. DMin. PhD. Born in Ecuador, in Piñas City, province of El Oro Living in Quito, since 1985. Baptist Pastor's 18 years old. It missionary for Latin America Palm Missionary Ministries Inc, USA. It is involved in the ministries of higher theological teaching, pastoral training, church ministry, family counseling, literature, bioethics, and educational administration. Master's degrees (Colombia, Ecuador and Spain): Bible; Theology; Educative Management; and, Bioethics. Doctor of Ministry in Theology (DMin.) and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) awarded by Vision International University, from Miami, FL-USA.

Monday, December 31, 2007

Missionary Prayer Letter- December 2007

  • We are so thankful to you for your help, love and care for us during this year 2007. Have a wonderful Merry Christmas and a nice new year. We wish for you all blessings from our Lord Jesus in 2008.
  • Thank so much for your support for us during this year. Serving together with you for the Kingdom of God has been a wonderful experience in the grace the Lord. We appreciate your spiritual partnership. That's the most important thing for us!
  • Joselito preached at the wedding for one of the leaders from Candelaria Baptist Church. We also had special Christmas celebration with the couples that are attending our weekly conferences about the Christian Family.
  • The marriage conference that Joselito shared in our home church this month focused on the meaning of love. We had a special commitment ceremony among the Christian couples.
  • Joselito sent his new book, Toward the Identity of the Baptists, to the USA for publishing!
  • We held a special program with puppets, film, and games in our neighborhood to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of Quito.
  • We went on a few days vacation to the countryside for Christmas and the end of 2007.
  • We had the opportunity to see my first pastor/missionary Mel Neill and his wife Charlene (she was my first Bible Teacher in Sunday school thirty five years ago). Brother Mel preached in Candelaria Baptist Church. They are living back in Texas now.
  • Pray for Anita and her final project for graduation. She is waiting on the green light to move forward.
  • Praise the Lord for my new book: Baptists: Their Heritage & Message
  • Pray for the debt we owe for our car, and our monthly budget.
  • For the new year and the current responsibilities with Palm Missionary Ministries in Ecuador
With love in Christ: Joselito & Anita Orellana. (Galatians 2:20).

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Missionary Prayer Letter- November 2007


We are growing in the grace of our Lord Jesus. We are enjoying His great blessings on our lives. We know that suffering and needs are a special component in the Christian life, but always He completes His work.


  • We had the final session of our School of Ministry for 2007. Joselito taught the course, Survey of Church History, over five days with eight hours of instruction each day.
  • Anita also helped by coordinating the logistics for the course.
  • We finished with a Christmas party with games, songs, gifts, and a delicious special dinner. Two students completed the program this month.


  • We had our annual board meeting of the Board for our mission in Quito. Our president, Art Patray who is based in Miami, was present and Joselito was named president of Palm Ministry in Ecuador.
  • Joselito went to El Carmen (Manabí province) to visit the Baptist Church and to give a special gift to an old brother who previously worked with Sammy Simpson, a former missionary. While on the trip, he visited the Baptist Church in Alluriquín, and shared a special family conference. Joselito was pastor at this church for eleven years when he was very young, from 1982 until 1993.
  • Joselito had a strategic planning meeting with the Ecuadorian Baptist Youth Board.


  • Pray for Anita and her studies. She is very tired and stressed as she works to complete her final project.
  • Thanksgiving for the provision of our Lord Jesus, but please continue to pray for our monthly budget needs .
  • We have a significant debt for which we need prayer. We bought a truck for our ministry and need to pay $9000. The interest is very expensive in our country, 17% each month, so this is a signficant need. Please pray for this need and for provision from our Lord Jesus.

With love in Christ: Joselito & Anita Orellana. (Galatians 2:20).