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I´m baptist missionary by faith with PMM Inc.,USA I'm married and with my wife Anita have four marvelous daughters. Our principal ministry is theological education. My passion is write, preach & teach about my Lord Jesus, around my country Ecuador, and Latin America. Dr. Joselito Orellana. DMin. PhD. Born in Ecuador, in Piñas City, province of El Oro Living in Quito, since 1985. Baptist Pastor's 18 years old. It missionary for Latin America Palm Missionary Ministries Inc, USA. It is involved in the ministries of higher theological teaching, pastoral training, church ministry, family counseling, literature, bioethics, and educational administration. Master's degrees (Colombia, Ecuador and Spain): Bible; Theology; Educative Management; and, Bioethics. Doctor of Ministry in Theology (DMin.) and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) awarded by Vision International University, from Miami, FL-USA.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Missionary Prayer Letter- May 2006


We want to open our hearts in this letter. We need to make many decisions about our ministry here in Ecuador. We are very busy with good things but we want to focus in the most important tasks for us: preaching, teaching, writing, and counseling

Also we need to expand our economic support. Right now we only have 30% of our budget with Palm Missionary Ministries. Unfortunately, we don't receive any support from our ministries here in our country (Church, Convention, Seminary, and University)

We have various needs that aren't satisfied, for example: We don't have life insurance, retreat, education for us and our daughters, car collision insurance, and others. Please pray for these needs.

As family, we visited Chachimbiro (Imbabura Province) and with my father (Joaquin), my sister and her son (Ligia & Italo), and Michelle & Andrew (Lourdes' kids). This place has many hot prings from the volcanos. It was our first time there, and it was a cool experience.

We have a new family member; a nice pet. He was a special gift from my sister Ligia to my daughters. His name is Cotton, he is two months old, male, and a little lamb.


Please pray for the followings possible decisions (for the future):

University Baptist Church:

  • I'm thinking to resign as associate pastor in UBC in December 2006, because the church is much better now.
  • They have a pastor full time, and other good leaders. And we need to spend more time visiting and supporting other churches in the countryside (without pastors), and other countries in Latin America too (supporting through theological education).
Ecuadorian Baptist Theological Seminary:

  • Also, I'm thinking of resigning as Rector (in one year more), because the Baptist Association in Quito doesn't want to work with the Ecuadorian Baptist Convention. This situation is very sad, but true. I don't want to be in the middle of this circumstance.
  • We have in Quito, a special pastoral training program and the courses are credited on the seminary level. We have twenty five students on this program. For me, the most important thing in our missionary job is the ministry and personal contact, not special titles.
Joselito has been preaching for the past several months on the seven messages to the Churches in Revelation (one Sunday per month). Also, he is sharing a study bible on Revelation every Wednesday at UBC.


Our goal for this year is to go to the USA to visit our friends, donors, and churches, to share our ministry and to look for more support. We are waiting for our visas, special invitations for the trip, and praying about the finances.


Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to share from our heart: our needs, decisions, and dreams. Praise the Lord Jesus for your lives, families, and ministries. And thanks again for your care for us. We don't warrant this beautiful blessing from God.

Joselito restarted this month his task of writing about the Gospel of Luke. Also, he started his classes on the doctoral program, through Vision International University

  • For the next missionary group from USA in June. We will go to Puerto Lopez (on the beach of Manabi Province). The goal is to begin a new Baptist Church at this wonderful location.
  • Pray for Anita, She wants to begin a Bible Club for children in our neighborhood.

Thanks you so much, for your prayers and support for us. God bless you All.

With love in Christ, Joselito & Anita Orellana (Galatians 2:20)

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