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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

From R&TIM, USA.

Spring 2016 Ministry Update
Highlights of this ministry update include: 
  • Reports from new training sites
  • Church partnership opportunities
  • New missionaries and staff
Dear Friend,

Greetings from Cuenca, Ecuador, where I just returned from helping to launch a new pastoral training site on the edge of the Ecuadorian jungle. This opportunity is just one of many developments over the past several months at Reaching & Teaching, and I'm excited to update you on what the Lord has been doing.

New Training Sites

It's remarkable to think that we have already established 6 new training sites for short-term work in 2016.  

Macas, Ecuador
Launched this past week. About 35 pastors and leaders gathered for the training, thrilled to know that they would get a thorough theological and pastoral education over the next three years.

I spoke with one leader who shared that the majority of the mission stations established through the years out in the jungle areas have been abandoned as missionaries retired or relocated. He estimated that over 90% are completely closed down now and the indigenous people are returning to traditional ways. The missionaries did great work, won many souls, and planted churches, but no one was trained to be disciplers, teachers, and trainers. It is as if they left a tractor to help with farming that has now run out of gas or broken down, and no one is trained to continue its operation. So, they are returning to the old farming methods. 

To learn more about this opportunity to help equip leaders to propel the gospel throughout the jungle, check out today's blog article, "Training Leaders on the Jungle's Edge."
Anapu, Brazil
A remote location in northern Brazil. There was a tremendous turnout for the initial training! We are currently seeking a
church partner for Anapu. 

Juazeiro do Norte, Brazil 
Third Avenue Baptist Church in Louisville is staffing this strategic site in northeast Brazil for the next three years. 
After the training week, one pastor told us,

"The most encouraging teaching to me was the survey of the Old Testament. It helped me to better understand how God unveils his plan. I think every Christian needs to understand God’s big story."

Click here to read more about the training in Juazeiro do Norte.

Quito, Ecuador
We're excited to have commenced training efforts in the capital city of Ecuador in February. We are seeking an additional chuch partner for the training in Quito.

Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Trinity Evangelical Free Church is staffing the teaching roster for our training at Port-au-Prince. Pastors from throughout rural Haiti with no access to theological training came to be trained. One countryside pastor, who admitted his total monthly income to be equivalent to about $50 US dollars, spent $22 on transportation costs to come to the training.

To help subsidize the travel costs for the brothers in Haiti and at other training locations, please consider giving toward our Pastors Travel Fund.

Costa Abajo, Panama
This location is along the western coast of Panama, where pastors have had little access to theological training. We're also seeking a church partner for this location. 

Church Partnership Opportunities
As you noticed above, local churches are partnering with us to adopt our training sites, assuming responsibility to help staff the teaching rosters for them. We want to see the local church be at the center of our training ministry, so we're mobilizing churches in the States and abroad to join us in this work.

We're never limited by opportunities to train pastors and leaders, but only by the ability to immediately staff these sites when the opportunity arises. If you are a pastor or church leader that is interested in learning more about how your church can join us in this important work, please check out a recent blog article, "Church Partnerships for the Gospel's Advance."

New Missionaries

7 missionary families have joined our ranks over the past few months! It has been exciting to see the Lord steadily broadening the scope of Reaching & Teaching, as we have appointed our first missionaries outside Latin America. We are truly becoming a global agency even as we remain committed to ministry throughout the Americas. We're thankful for each family, their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, and the sacrifices they are making to reach and teach across the globe.
Brian and Sarah Argo (Mexico)
Lindley, Isaac, Emma, and Lucas

Brian and Sarah Argo are heading to Oaxaca City, Mexico, forming a missionary team with the Gibsons and Roots. Brian has served in pastoral ministry for the past thirteen years, having just stepped down as the senior pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Potsdam, New York. 
Josh and Katie (East Asia)

Josh and Katie are heading to a location in East Asia where they will work alongside established missionaries to spread the gospel among unreached people and to disciple believers. Both Josh and Katie plan to use their educational and vocational experience as a platform for the task the Lord has given them. They hope to deploy later this year. 
ND and Yangzten (South Asia)
Chhiring and Nick

ND and Yangzten are returning to their home country in South Asia, having come to the U.S. for theological preparation. ND plans to train Christian leaders in the capital city as well as start a Christian day school so that Christian children have access to a decent education. ND and Yangzten hope to return to South Asia this Fall. 
Brandon and Krystle Leach (Argentina)
Mya and Malachi

Along with ND and Yangjen, Brian and Krystle Leach are our newest missionary appointees. The Leaches plan to join Jason and Kami Wright in Córdoba, Argentina, hoping to deploy early in 2017. 
Andy and Courtney Miller (Peru)

Andy and Courtney are preparing to minister in Cusco, Peru. Andy desires to equip pastors and leaders in the truth of the gospel. Courtney plans to practice medicine in Cusco, as she is currently a pediatrician. Andy and Courtney hope to deploy to language school later this year. 
Craig and Cindy (MENA)

Craig and Cindy desire to reach and teach in a city in the Middle East/North Africa region, having served as 'tentmakers' in the Gulf region for seven years. Craig and Cindy carry a special burden for the thousands of Syrian and Iraqi refugees that have been displaced in this region in the last several years. Their desire is to evangelize and raise up qualified, equipped leaders to minister within the Muslim world. 
Jason and Kami Wright (Argentina)
Kayden, Carley, and Brielle

Jason is transitioning from his role on the executive staff to equip pastors and church planters in Córdoba, Argentina. Jason and Kami will be working alongside established missionaries in Argentina, with the goal of discipling leaders to plant gospel churches in lesser reached portions of the country. The Wrights plan to embark for Córdoba in October
New Staff

We're also thankful for a growing stateside staff that facilitates all the work being done overseas. We're still looking to fill several strategic positions on our staff, and we'd love for you to be a vital part of what the Lord is doing. 
Luke Barnhard - Operations Coordinator

Luke, Crystal, and Wyatt Barnard call southern Indiana home. Luke will work to insure that our financial and personnel operations are functioning with excellence. Luke hopes to relieve Jason Wright of his operations duties this Summer. 
Rocky Coleman - Director of Short-Term Ministry

Rocky and Sarah Coleman (Caleb, Cade, Eliana, Crosby) live in Louisville, KY, where Rocky is currently completing a Ph.D. in Evangelism and Missions from Southern Seminary. Rocky will oversee the short-term logistics for all of our training sites, ensuring that our teams and sites are thoroughly prepared for each trip. 
In other news, God has provided the necessary funds for several missionaries - the Behars, Bishops, Kountzes, and Winfreys - to embark for language school! The Lord opened the floodgates for these folks in a unique way. The Kountzes have already landed in Ecuador, and the others are preparing to head overseas very soon.

Meanwhile, Weston and Heidi Root completed language school and recently joined AJ and Ruth Gibson in Oaxaca City, Mexico!

All of these new developments are the Lord's doing. Would you please commit to pray that the Lord would use each minister and ministry opportunity to effectively proclaim the gospel and make disciples?

Please also consider how you can be involved. Whether by praying and giving to send, or whether by praying and sacrificing to go, we want to see all God's people going into all the world, faithfully obeying all of the Great Commission.

We appreciate so much your continued support of the ministry. May the Lord bless you in the days ahead!

Grace and peace,
David Sills
All of God's people going into all the world, faithfully obeying all of the Great Commission. 
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