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Saturday, May 7, 2016

From ECCU Bank

If You Can’t Take It with You…

by Jac La Tour

May 3, 2016
Remember those dreams you had as a kid where you’d find a bunch of money, start gathering it up and then wake up? The weird thing about those dreams is that they illustrate a reality. After we die—in that moment when we’re absent from the body and present with the Lord—we won’t have any of our money or stuff with us.
Now if you’ve been a follower of Jesus for a while, you know that the Bible says a lot about money and how we should use it. The central biblical theme is that our money is really God’s. He entrusts it to us to use according to his plans, not ours. We call this stewardship. “Your” money is a tool with a fixed expiration date. You only get to use it in this life. When you wake up, the only thing that will matter about the money you had is what you did with it.
Like so many other aspects of the Christian life, stewardship principles are easier to learn than practice. What exactly does God-honoring stewardship look like when it comes to budgeting or borrowing, saving or giving? How do you actually manage money in ways that glorify God?
Thanks to great ministries like Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University and Willow Creek’s Good Sense Movement, we have easy access to resources that help us become better stewards. As a Christ-centered financial cooperative, ECCU shares this passion for helping people grow in this area of their Christian life. That’s why ECCU offers a unique savings account for kids who are just getting started and others for when they’re more skilled at managing their money. You can check out these various savings options here.
And tomorrow morning, whatever dreams you had, remember to thank God for the coins or bills or bank cards in your purse or wallet. And while you’re at it, ask what his plans are for “your” money today.

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