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Thursday, September 17, 2015

ECCU in the World: Doing More Together

July 29, 2015
Do more. No, that’s not a mantra to speed up your already busy life.
It’s our reason for being.
Thousands of people bank with us, including more than 3,500 missionaries, because ECCU puts your money to work, fueling Christian ministries around the world. Your checking and savings accounts help us provide loans to growing churches and other Christian organizations. And revenue we earn from our financial services enables us to do things like make grants to ministries to the tune of $4.58 million since 2005.  We also offer low-cost banking services to missionaries, providing some relief to already tight budgets as much as possible.
There’s so much good work being done to build Christ’s Kingdom. It’s important to us that we not only channel funds to these acts of doing more around the world, it’s also important that we learn from their experiences and witness the impact. That’s why we rely on our ECCU Missions Committee.
Comprised of seven full-time ECCU staffers with direct experience in running short-term and long-term missions, the committee helps ECCU become ever-more effective in serving missionaries and sending organizations. They’re amazing at developing relationships with member, and potential member, missionaries, mission agencies and mission fields. We believe these personal relationships and cross-cultural experiences help define the role we play in serving those who are bringing the gospel to the ends of the earth.
In the last report from the Missions Committee, we learned that ECCU is making strides in supporting long-term missionary families and individuals. In February, we funneled $38,900 to mission work in Australia, China, India, Greece, Papua New Guinea, South Africa and the United States. It is truly exciting and is the heartbeat from which we exist. Here’s a snapshot:
  • In northern India, a missionary team is raising funds to purchase land and plant a second church eventually.
  • Indigenous people in Papua New Guinea will be able to hear and read the New Testament in their own language for the first time – a project 30 years in the making.
  • Elsewhere, missionaries are forming discipleship groups to reach out to the lost and embrace new believers.
We’re only guardians of the funds provided to us. Every dollar saved and every dollar earned means more ministries touched. In addition to supporting outreach from these long-term missionary teams and individuals, we also gave approximately $2,000 to four individuals called to serve on short-term missionary trips in India, Kenya and Mexico.
Over this year, we’ll hear more from the families and individuals on their journeys, and we’ll spotlight their stories here in this blog. In the meantime, know that your checking and savings accounts are doing more to give glory to God.
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