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I´m baptist missionary by faith with PMM Inc.,USA I'm married and with my wife Anita have four marvelous daughters. Our principal ministry is theological education. My passion is write, preach & teach about my Lord Jesus, around my country Ecuador, and Latin America. Dr. Joselito Orellana. DMin. PhD. Born in Ecuador, in Piñas City, province of El Oro Living in Quito, since 1985. Baptist Pastor's 18 years old. It missionary for Latin America Palm Missionary Ministries Inc, USA. It is involved in the ministries of higher theological teaching, pastoral training, church ministry, family counseling, literature, bioethics, and educational administration. Master's degrees (Colombia, Ecuador and Spain): Bible; Theology; Educative Management; and, Bioethics. Doctor of Ministry in Theology (DMin.) and Doctor of Philosophy in Theology (PhD) awarded by Vision International University, from Miami, FL-USA.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Missionary Prayer Letter, April 2005


"I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me"


Joselito celebrated his happy birthday with many emotions, gifts, and nice friends and partners in the missionary ministry. It is necessary to say, thank you so much to our friend David Sills and his work team, for this special time together. We are very excited because we are not alone in the life and the ministry. We have a big family around of the world!


Joselito shared the first course of pastoral training in Candelaria Baptist Church, about Biblical Hermeneutics. Attended forty pastors and leadership of indigenous churches.
The first week of April, We received the visit a working visitors from Louisville Kentucky of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Five teachers sharing classes of Homiletics in the Gospels, Hermeneutics, and Bible study in Genesis, and Systematic Theology. The leader of this group was my big friend and partner Dr. David Sills, PhD. Attended seventeen pastors and leaders of nine churches of the country side. With this special week, we started our Pastoral Training School in our home church (UBC). It was a nice experience for to teach every day (eight hours) and to celebrate the glory of God every night with preaching, singing, praising and fellowship.
Joselito shared a Sunday school class in Saint Joseph Baptist Church, with the purpose of to introduce the LifeWay's materials and then preached in the service.


I need to give thanks to our Deacons, teachers and students in all country. I received a last report and the news is very encouragement. We continue operating with blessings in the coast. In Quito it was signed the agreement between the National Convention and Local Association.


We continue praying for our boss Art Patray and his wife Barbara. She is little better but her medical condition is very critic. Pray for them please!


I want to give thanks to my big friend Ralph Kurtenbach, because he is my editor in English. Thank you Ralph, I appreciate your help. Ralph and his wife Katy are missionaries with World Radio Missionary Fellowship (HCJB), working in Quito since 1992. Ralph is now the public relationship of his mission for Latin America.


We give thanks for a special donation of a washer machine and refrigerator. That's very necessary for us in our home. Praise the Lord for this opportune blessing!
Also we give thanks for Christian books donated for my partner Douglas & Diane Paratore. They returned to their country, after of their missionary job with us.
Thank for your prayers for my sister Lourdes. She is waiting for her life!! She is very bad. She has many payne in her body and is crying everyday. We are very sad!

"The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me."

Thanks you so much, for your prayers and support for us. God bless you All.

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